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For the sporadic visitors and friends, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve redesigned the purpose of my blog as I find it very dull to have to write about my petty thoughts and actions. Although I enjoy all the facets of my life, the only one I can passionately talk about is literature and books in general. So this first post on my purposefully redesigned blog is going to be a plug attempt.

Thanks to the wonderful Neil Gaiman (read his books, they are amazing !) I have discovered goodreads. goodreads is a wonderful website that basically functions as a Twitter, but the thing that you see is people’s book shelves. I have listed my books for four authors so far and and am gradually climbing the book case ladder. Over time I will certainly add so many more books and I hope to get good inspiration from there for new authors and books.

In time I will create a column on the right-hand side of the page to include an excerpt of my to-read list, which will also feature the book that I’m currently reading. This blog will contain reviews on books and news posts related to anything to do with my favourite books, authors, publishers or the literature or publishing world in general. Enjoy !